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Thread: Firearm Retention for physical disabled

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    Firearm Retention for physical disabled

    One of the to reasons I decided to start open carry was my physical nature was becoming more serious. I fear my ability to fully protect my wife and kids like I use to.

    I do have extensive hand to hand training along with situational awareness training. I suffer from a rare progressive degenerative scoliosis . Sadly I do not move so well due to worsening spinal issues etc.

    The trick I have fought with was a placement I could open carry on my body but still have good retention of the fire arm .

    I finaly made a custom hoster that mounts in my front left pocket . Allowing the top of the gun to be fully visible as per open carry guidelines. Tight fit and the snap to the strap is n the side towards my body.

    Reasoning was if some one tried to reach from behind and disarm me, they are going to recieve a beat down via a hard wood Cain I uniquely designed to double as one hell of a club.

    It is a unusual location and setup for open carry,but the situation is unusual giving physical limitations worsening.

    By no means is it a fast draw, but it is a safe do not be disarmed with out a lot of effort I am going to give you a beat down that is going to hurt like hell draw lol.

    I'll post a pic later, but I hope it helps others that might go threw a similar issue when dealing with retention .

    Click image for larger version. 

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