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Thread: This video needs to be our legislators!

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    This video needs to be our legislators!

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    Its old, been posted before, but still relevant ...

    She makes excellent points but her audience does not care ..

    You must tailor your argument to your audience .. or at least that's what I do ..

    I take different approaches towards different groups Ex:... with total 100% antis who are never gonna change, I'm a complete, 100% a**hole ... for people on the fence a more logical approach and give recommended case law for them to read. And for people who are pro-gun but lack knowledge, I'm very friendly and informative. And for people who are more pro-gun than me, wait, I have not found one yet.

    And I like to argue ... over even the most minute details ... its the scientist in me I guess ... this behavior is just engrained in me .. and it has saved lives in the past
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