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Thread: father arrested after photo of him and infant w/BB gun was posted on Facebook

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    father arrested after photo of him and infant w/BB gun was posted on Facebook

    here's the link

    Talk about going over the top


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    What happened was my baby's father, Domonic, took a picture of my daughter and him sitting down with a bb gun and my mother, Sylvia Price, called the news and called the police saying my daughter was in danger, but she wasn't" she said. "The gun was fake. It was a BB gun. It wasn't loaded or nothing. My daughter was in no kind of danger whatsoever and it got turned into something it wasn't supposed to be."

    Read more:

    You'll poke your eye out kid ...

    Really, this appears to be a domestic dispute .. mommy likely complained .. so he won't be found guilty of anything but mommy will just make him very angry ... and who knows what a judge might do regarding custody~the judge can do what ever he wants.

    Nice family vacation coming up soon ...

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    Child endangerment. The victim is not the child, but the father.
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