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Thread: Channel 9 don't check thier facts on 65.870 "new law"

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    Channel 9 don't check thier facts on 65.870 "new law"

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    This story (and I do mean STORY) about "Kentucky's new gun law" is getting dumber with every retelling as each new TV and newspaper rewrites it to be more salacious. Gutshot and I are old enough to remember when the news was actually journalism, where facts were at least somewhat important. Now, it seems that facts are inconveniences to be avoided when advancing an agenda and selling advertising.

    I tried to post some facts under the WCPO story, but the page refreshed and my text was wiped clean. It's just as well, as I don't have a Facebook account so I couldn't sign in, and any facts posted over there would be pearls before swine.

    I know not to underestimate incompetence, but can the media really be this clueless? Could this be the media spin to portray KRS 65.870 in a negative light, as some sort of secret law hurriedly passed by gun nuts while nobody was watching? Cue the shrill cry of "won't somebody puhleeeese do something, for the children!"

    Shame on the proprietor of the local gun store and gun range for being so clueless. He should be more interested in gun rights and more informed... but that's apparently true of 95% or more of gun owners. I'm getting very frustrated with gun owners scrambling around lately like spooked sheep, stampeding into panic buying before they can't get guns and ammo anymore. If 10% of that time was spent calling their legislators and explaining the concept of unalienable rights to them, the 2013 gun ban legislation would be gone like a bad dream the next morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gutshot View Post
    Damn. I had to write another email.
    Me too. I hate stupid!
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