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Thread: Mayor to give after action report on his gun show(buy back)

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    Mayor to give after action report on his gun show(buy back)

    Mayor macgrimm will be giving his report on the gunshow he sponsored last weekend. Macgrimm is very upset about people legally purchasing weapons at the event , he, himself, sponsored. He will be live at the top of the hour on tuesday, 29 JAN 2013 at 0800, eight o'clock. Get some popcorn and coffee, set your DVR. You can call Q13 or call, email the mayor himself to thank him. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. So, be vocal, be load, be often. film in the morning, whoever gets it first.
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    the info was all over Dori Monson and The Ron & Don show. Ron & Don I do feel were pro gun on their show. Dori was really upset with one guy who decided to turn in his guns cause the kids were playing with them in the garage....

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