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Thread: URGENT: action needed Re: HB28

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    URGENT: action needed Re: HB28

    HB 28, "Campus Safety Amendments" has somehow passed the House 2d reading calendar today and is on its way to third reading, seemingly without a committee hearing. I don't even know how that is possible.

    I believe the bill would allow the UoU and other colleges to effectively ban all otherwise legal OC from campus.

    Please, contact your State Rep, and House leadership immediately.

    You can leave messages for these folks by calling the capital switchboard during business hours at Phone: (801) 538-1029, or sending a Fax to: (801) 326-1544.

    Contact info for House members (cell and home phones generally) can be found at

    Be brief, courteous, but to the point.

    I suggest:

    Your name
    Your contact

    Re: Please oppose HB 28, "Campus Safety Amendments"

    Dear Rep. xxxx

    I am writing to ask you to oppose HB 28, "Campus Safety Amendments". This bill seems to have the effect of allowing colleges to effectively outlaw the currently legal practice,pursuant to a permit, of peacefully carrying a gun that is not hidden from view. There is no reason gun owners should be forced into the closet or be legally required to hide the fact they are armed. This bill has not had a committee hearing and so no public input has been received on this bill. Please assure it receives a committee hearing where the public can comment, and please oppose HB 28.

    Please let me know how you intend to vote on HB 28.

    Thank you.

    Your name.

    Charles Hardy

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    Just the start, I was starting to think Utah was serious about protecting our rights.

    But in one day I see a slew of leaders sign off on Obama's bans and exsective actions.

    From pro second amendment to we are kinda some what pro.

    Man this country is in the gutter right now.

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