Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Let me start by apologizing for the delay in responding but over the past couple weeks I have spent little time in the office due to a vacation, then numerous meetings etc., and I wanted to be able to respond personally to your inquiry. This is a much more complicated matter than just a quick response, but I will try to explain my perspective on the matter.

Let me start by saying that I took an oath to defend the constitution and to serve our citizens. I take my oath very seriously and will not waiver in my responsibilities. I would never support any law that is “illegal” or violates our citizens rights.

I am reluctant to comment on possible legislation or things that are speculative. I can say that the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office is aligned with most other sheriff’s offices in our stance on the 2nd Amendment.
Like many sheriff’s, I am NOT willing to support, condone or conduct any type of (speculated) weapon confiscation. However, many other possible presidential orders would be considered federal laws. As sheriff’s we do not have any authority to enforce federal laws currently. For a Minnesota sheriff to say they would not enforce any federal laws, is quite simply, obvious. It is like saying that as a Minnesota Peace Officer, I will not enforce Texas traffic laws. In short, it is not our jurisdiction.
Although I happen to agree that more ammo is better, the issue at hand is much larger than the number of rounds in a magazine and will need to be monitored closely.

I would support an expansion on the background investigation process of getting gun permits since public safety is paramount and there are many weaknesses in that system.
Having said that, I would NOT support any type of effort to disarm our citizens. I am glad to hear that our President has clearly stated that he does NOT intend to disarm anyone and that “law abiding citizens have nothing to worry about”. At this point, I am trusting that to be an accurate statement and will be watching any legislative changes very closely to ensure it is.

I hope that clarifies my stance. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


James Stuart
Anoka County Sheriff’s Office