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Thread: What information is covered in the handgun safety course?

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    What information is covered in the handgun safety course?

    I was under the impression that the course that I had to take was about the laws, and not so much about the safety. To be frank, until I got serious about getting the permit I didn't even know the name of the course, hence my question.

    I am in the military and I am under the understanding that I can sometimes get a memo from my commander that says I am qualified with the M-9 and that the instructors often accept that in lieu of actually sitting through the class and/or firing on a range. I have heard different things about whether or not the instructor would still require payment for the course.

    Anyway, what have all of you heard about this, if anything? Thanks in advance.

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    it's been a little while since i took the class. basically from what i remember, you watched some videos, listened to the instructor, discussed different scenarios, talked about the parts of the firearm, took a written test, talked about places you can and can't carry, and finally went and shot a box of rounds from three distances having to hit the target somewhere in within the point areas at least 80 percent of the time. it took about 4 or 5 hours all together for a class of 15.

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    Some instructors do cover the law, but short of consulting an attorney, you can find out about as much as they can tell you by searching on your own and on forums such as this.

    As long as you at least 4 hours of military handgun training and it has been within the last 5 years, you do not have to take the safety course per T.C.A. 39-17-1350(e)(4)
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    It covers: don't drop the device on your foot, it will hurt.

    Really if you already own a gun you'll laugh at the course...

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    Most of the classes cover the very basics on safety, law, and general operation of a side arm.
    Other than the acronym F.A.B. (frame, action, and barrel) for components of a gun I did not learn anything new.
    I will not however complain about a refresher course on any of it.

    Head down to a full service driver’s license center.
    Bring ID, corresponding paperwork from your military training in hand guns, $115 in cash.
    Fill out the paperwork, get the information for submitting you fingerprints electronically (Part of the $115 covers the cost).
    Spend a few weeks studying the laws here in TN T.C.A. 39.17.13…. lots of relevant stuff.
    Ask questions pretty much everyone here will answer and cite to authority so you can verify.
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