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Thread: WTF is with Glock banning sale of BLUEGUNS to the public?

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    WTF is with Glock banning sale of BLUEGUNS to the public?

    Glock has recently issued a New Contract with Ring's Manufacturing Inc. (BLUEGUNS) to manufacture Glock Blueguns as we have been doing for the past 10 years. This new contract states that Glock restricts the sale of Glock Blueguns to the Public. We are restricted to selling Glock Blueguns to the Police, Military, Trainers, Police Distributors, or Holster Manufacturers. We ask that our customers abide by these rules and refrain from offering Glock Blueguns to the Public on the Internet, Publications or General Catalogs. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support.
    [emphasis added]

    So Glock does not want the public to have fully-unfunctional training props. Why?

    Shades of Larry Correia and H&K

    stay safe.
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    This will have no effect with ffls selling the product to whoever they like.

    I imagine its a production qty issue ..

    The gun man. want to stay on the good side of LEO ... why? I have no idea.

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    WTF is with Glock banning sale of BLUEGUNS to the public?

    Yeah, because there's a bottle neck in molding plastic, and they don't have any desire to sell every one they can churn out.

    The real statement here is "if we say you can't have it, you will want it and find a way to get it, so we sell more at a higher price"

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    Another reason I never buy Glock or any of their firearm products.
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