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Thread: Some f'd up stuff happening in McCracken County.

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    Some f'd up stuff happening in McCracken County.

    So I don't know much about this, and I'll be the first to admit that because of my own current dealings with officers I am biased. However, this man paid 10,000 dollars. The county attorney said he only paid 2,300. So the man goes to the courthouse to file a complaint with his evidence in hand. He's beaten and charged with disorderly conduct.

    Here is a link to some audio. It has been cut short which is suspicious, but still.

    The link goes to microsoft skydrive.
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    The cops don't know the law .. yelling is not disorderly conduct, unless your words (not your tone) suggest people behave violently.

    Or the cops just want to "teach you a lesson"

    And that's why God invented Howitzers ...
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    This really doesn't pertain to Open Carry or firearms at all.

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    didn't find any audio, just 2 different pics.

    On retry I found the gray box just above the pics.
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