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Thread: How to conduct research in a law library?

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    How to conduct research in a law library?

    How to conduct research in a law library?

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    Courthouses have public law libraries (most law schools restrict theirs) .. ya walk in .. and begin

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvonneDalton View Post
    How to conduct research in a law library?
    It depends upon what you're looking for.

    laws libraries vary, there's usually law libraries on site at the courthouses, these will contain full volumes of statutory law, my local county law library has the entire volumes of the RCW, the WAC, and United States Code, they also have the minutes of all legislature sessions, the county code, the codes of all cities in the county, rules of evidence etc.

    Also some law libraries (mostly at universities) will contain monographs, which are detailed research on a specific subject.

    really there's alot of stuff, what are you looking to learn? I may be able to give you more specific advice,
    also all of the courthouse law libraries in my area usually have librarians who can help you find what you're looking for.
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    Use that computer of yours! Thanks to the Internet your computer is the best law library going, rapidly outpacing (if it already hasn't) the need for your getting into a car and driving to a given library, law library or otherwise, where the subject matter is limited by the library budget as well as the size of the building itself.

    Don't understand? Have a look at "THE LAW LIBRARY" at the top of this site. Once there, go over over to "page 2" and find "PRACTICING PRO SE" and you'll get an idea of what I mean but be warned - there's a lot there - right here - right now - all thanks to this specific web site.

    Need help? Just ask.

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    Even if it came back, I doubt much of what advice people here could come up with would apply over there.
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