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Thread: Lets get it together for the Feb 08,2013 rally in Olympia !!! UNITED

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    Cool Lets get it together for the Feb 08,2013 rally in Olympia !!! UNITED

    Hey everyone! There is in fact a rally this Friday Feb 08 in Olympia.

    There are now permits handled- by 2nd enforcers! They saw the Washington state bus was revved up but no one was driving and this guy hustled and came through with permits- Monday they were finalized!! He also started the site and everything on the first of feb because 2nd rights site for nationwide , was in such disorganization that no one had taken point to drive the bus. He stepped up , so lets see what we can do to help make this a success.

    With what is at stake here, I cant believe that im hearing anything but support to get us all out and make this a positive HUGE event!! If you cant be positive and help to protect our rights and wanna piss and moan , take a midol and stay home! Better yet take one and come anyway, you'll be glad you did. The time is now people, Someone said i was thinking big, bigger . Well there is a hell of ALOT of us out here thinking big(19th) to Holy crap half of washington is here to say stay away from our guns and NO NEW LAWS infringing on our rights!!!!!! And their all packin too!

    Yeah the new site for 2e is new, give the guy some cred, He stepped up, so why can't we and all work together?? Seriously were up against a "community organizer" that was very good at his previous job, and he has an agenda. Can we afford to not unite for the cause and blow this thing up?

    Maybe the site wasnt completed because to have a site for a rally , or the rally at all,the first thing that was needed was a permit, He did it . Lets do our part too!!

    There are 2 links the first one 2nd rights was set up but no-one organizing a few hundred said are going, but no one took lead . 2nd enforcers did come through and i imagine the site will rapidly evolve as well. Understandably if this is one guy doin it all, where the hell are the rest of "we the people" ? I have been following both and im sure there will be a huge turnout, lets do our part !! Heres the links , check them out the 2enforcers is the one who is trying to organize the confusion from the 2nd right site and get it together for the rest of us

    So check into the sites- see if you can even find washington on the first then check out 2nd and third. We ALL need to do everything we can to make this happen in such a major way, being polite and respectful and impossible to ignore because we packed Olympia, not just the fountain...

    THIS WILL BE HUGE IF WE ACT AS A GROUP WITH A COMMON GOAL!!! COME ON everyone and be a part of history , stand up lets show them we got a spine and represent !, Are we sheeple or freakin AMERICANS????????????

    Damn I feel like a chearleader but WE WILL NOT FAIL, Unless we do nothing. Is that who we are?

    Please forgive the rant, i mean no offense to anyone, but i do mean to impress how important this really is , and how important that it is done right.

    I did see a place on 2e site on the action items where he still needs help bringin this all together, Anything anyone here can do? Im doin flyers for all the gun shops and ranges near my area (everet/snohomish). There's contact info on the site -do what you can to help and spread the word!!!!:banana

    I'll see all you Patriots at the rally!!, Im going early to help set up too! What are your gun rights worth to you?

    FREEDOM DONT COME EASY, but kissin it off does!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1proudAmerican View Post
    Hey everyone! There is in fact a rally this Friday Feb 08 in Olympia.

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