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Thread: Are you a fence sitter?

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    Are you a fence sitter?

    Have you contacted your rep today? This week? This past month?? No? Are you waiting around for someone else to do it for you?

    Stop sitting on the fence. Email your rep now. NO, RIGHT NOW. It takes just a minute. One minute to fight for the 2nd Amendment. One minute to tell your rep that you don't wish any change on our Constitutional Rights that millions of men and woman have bled for. They laid down their lives. You can put your life on hold for one minute.

    Do it. Don't be a fence sitter.

    Contact your Wisconsin Reps:

    Contact your Federal Reps:

    Feel free to cut and paste this to your friends.

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    I have been every other month since 1996

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    i have contacted all my reps and continually donate to the NRA

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    I've contacted all my elected peeps several times recently.

    I also just bought a car....and advised the dealer we've bought our previous 2 cars from that they've lost me as a customer due in part to posting.

    I'm hesitant to say who I bought from because I don't want to raise the issue to their attention and have them think "well, I guess we should post too." :\
    - What da hay?

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