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Thread: Firearms Surrender Project kenosha, not good...

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    Firearms Surrender Project kenosha, not good...

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    A RO is a civil matter ... anyone who complies with this is an idiot ... just "sell" you guns to someone.

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    Can you trust the government to give you your firearms back? You can get a restraining order on anyone. Heck, I bet I could get one for Chief Flynn. Does that mean he'd have to turn in his firearm(s)? Well...besides being a felon already...
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    requires people who have restraining orders against them to turn in their firearms. They will be able to get their weapons back after the restraining order expires. This adds an extra court hearing to the restraining order process to make sure the person is complying with the weapons restriction
    Unless the judges are going to order anyone with a restraining order to also have no 'weapons', I don't see how this is legal. (Or are they assuming any restraining order is for domestic violence, which is an automatic disqualifier?)

    And unless they're going to send an officer to search each home, I don't see how this could be effective. Someone could turn in one pistol, go to court & say "that's all". One of the other news channels said something about the person requesting the order providing the make, model, serial # for the firearms to be given up. Doesn't that expose the person to more risk from the subject of the order?

    Wonder what happens to the 10% who don't comply? I'd guess that the 90% who give up their self-defense tools probably aren't people who needed a restraining order in the first place.
    And I wonder how the Sheriff's dep't is going to come up with the funds & people-hours to do this? Maybe they were over-staffed before?
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    A RO is a civil matter ... anyone who complies with this is an idiot ... just "sell" you guns to someone.
    I suppose in WI statutes, a restraining order means you can't have guns. Why didn't they get the guns when the RO was first issued in court?? I don't know if WI statutes even say RO=no guns. Must be left to a judge.
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