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Thread: TG&G CCDW Class

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    TG&G CCDW Class

    Just would like to say the class offered by instructor Ken Pagano at TG&G is awesome! Very informative. He is a retired Marine and works at the Sheriffs office from time to time so he knew the ins and outs of local PD and what their protocol was in certain situations, definitely opened my eyes to a few things. Those of you that have taken know it has the potential to be a very boring/long day and I felt engaged the entire class(minus the two hour legal video)
    They had a really awesome facility as well.
    Two thumbs up from this guy

    I know this is an OC forum but for the folks like myself who are in situations from time to time where it would be beneficial to cover our firearms(i.e. family functions or when it's super cold here with our unpredictable ohio valley forecast) having the option to do so will be convenient.

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    Thanks for the info. Now I know that when I go for my conceal class on the 16th there will be a 2 hour boring video. LOL. I knew one was coming but I didn't know the length. I am getting my ccdw permit so I have choices. The more choices we have the more likely we are to carry. It does no good to own a weapon if you don't carry it often.

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