Proactive Shooters, in partnership with the Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy, is proud to offer the following class -

CCJA (1) Day Tactical Shotgun Deployment Course

Date: February 17, 2013 starting @ 8:00am

Prerequisite: None
Class Size: 5 student Min & 20 Students Max
Instructors: Tom Perroni & CCJA Staff Instructors
Cost: $200.00

The Commonwealth Criminal Justice Academy Instructor cadre feels that the tactical shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons an individual can wield. The wide variety of ammunition available makes it a versatile tool for self defense. However the shotgun is the most under-utilized, under-trained weapon systems to date.

Our Tactical Shotgun courses provide a comprehensive and practical approach in the operational functions and tactical application of the Shotgun. This course is open to both pump action and auto-loading shotguns.

Instructed by former Special Forces and current Law Enforcement personnel with extensive tactical shotgun experience, this course promotes the safe and effective use of this highly effective weapon.

Topics covered in Class:

• Shotgun safety and handling
• Characteristics and accessories
• Carrying techniques
• Patterning and Ammunition Types
• Slug sight-in
• Multiple shoots / multiple targets
• Tactical reload / Combat reload
• Malfunctions
• Shooting positions
• Shooting on the move
• Shooting moving targets
• Barricades/Use of Cover
• Transition Drills Handgun to Shotgun
• Use of the shotgun for home defense
• Low Light Shooting (Time Permitting)

Ammunition: 200 rounds of bird shot, 10 rounds of 00 buck, 10 rounds of slug ,50 rounds of Handgun ammo

Gear: Shotgun, sling, ammunition holder, Handgun, Magazines, Mag Holder , knee pads, wraparound eye protection, ear protection, weapon cleaning kit, rain gear, baseball style hat, gloves, flashlight.

Course AAR’s:

For More Information or to sign up for the course contact Tom Perroni at:
Web-Site: E-Mail:

(540) 322-3000 or (540) 846-7088