I called Senator Wagner's Office a couple of weeks ago and asked for an email response to my call. This is the reply I received.

Mr. Sanders:

Now that we passed "crossover" and the bills have changed houses, I have had a chance to review the status of the 22 bills you telephoned about. Below is a quick update:

The bills you asked Senator Wagner to support:

SB1335 & SB1363 - he voted for and it passed the Senate and is now in the House

HB1604, HB2317, HB1582 & HB1833 - passed the House and are now in the Senate

HB1557, HB2340, HB2342 - did not make it out of the House and therefore will not come before Senator Wagner for his vote.

The bills you asked Senator Wagner to oppose:

HB1326, HB1391, HB1410, HB1662, HB1693, HB2025, HB2207, HB2251, HB2263, HB2281, HB2327 & HB1415 were all killed in the House and will not be voted on by the Senate

HB2235 regarding increased penalties for use of a firearm during certain felonies did pass the House (100-0) and is now in the Senate.


Vicki Wilson, Legislative Aide
Senator Frank Wagner's Office
7th District-Senate of Virginia
Virginia Beach/Norfolk