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Thread: Walking Dead returns, will Pelosi Ban all their weapons?

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    Walking Dead returns, will Pelosi Ban all their weapons?

    Looking foward to the return of the Walking Dead. Imagaine if the ban was enforced before this happened!!!
    GOD gave me rights!!!....The Constitutuion just confirms it!!

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    Yeah, Norman kindof ruined it.

    Reedus goes on to insist American politicians need to tighten the country's gun laws to prevent another massacre like that at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where gunman Adam Lanza shot dead 20 children and six adults.

    He adds, "I don't feel there's a real reason to have automatic weapons at all. I can understand the right to bear arms to some extent, but no one needs an automatic Ak17 (gun) hanging in their truck. No way."
    "Public opinion and votes have nothing to do with this. The challenge of the Court is not what they're going to do with votes. The challenge-- of the Court is are they going to protect people's rights." - Al Sharpton

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