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Thread: Our State Lawmakers That Carry at the Capitol

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    Our State Lawmakers That Carry at the Capitol

    OLYMPIA ó For Rep. David Taylor, a gun is like an article of clothing. He wears it everywhere ó even on the floor of the state House of Representatives.
    ďIíve carried for so long that itís second nature to me. Itís almost like, if for some reason I donít have it with me, I feel like Iím missing my wallet,Ē said Taylor, a two-term Republican from Moxee, Yakima County.
    What Taylor does is legal, and heís not alone. Other state lawmakers say they, too, have carried concealed weapons on the Capitol campus and on the floor. In fact, Washingtonís Capitol is one of the few in the country with no restrictions on firearms.
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    Now we may be one of the few state capitols with no restrictions, but I wonder if all those states exempt the legislators?

    Anyway it's good to know we have friends in the capitol building, especially with 1588 coming up. That's what I love about this state, friday Batousaii with his Ruger Vaquero and his friend with a 1911 and AR-15 walked into the capitol and got only "good morning" from the state troopers.
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    Re: Our State Lawmakers That Carry at the Capitol

    Sometimes I really like my state. I still can't wait till I can get moved to the east side of the mountains though...

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