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Thread: Chehalis Washington homeowner shoots intruder

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    Chehalis Washington homeowner shoots intruder

    Chehalis, Wash - A man who broke into an occupied home early Sunday in Chehalis was shot by the home's owner, the Lewis County Sheriff's Office says.
    Deputies arrived at the home shortly before 5 a.m. to find one man with a gunshot wound.
    Deputies say a 51-year-old man broke into the home where a 24-year-old man and his wife were sleeping. The owner called 911, then armed himself with a pistol while waiting for deputies to arrive.
    At one point, the suspect charged down a hallway toward the homeowner, who fired a shot, hitting the suspect. The two men then became involved in struggle until the suspect was able to break free.
    The homeowner held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived.
    KING 5 spoke with a man who also saw the suspect Sunday morning, rummaging through boxes on his patio. The man chased him away.

    Excerpt ... Read more at the link
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    Here's another article on it.
    I love what the Sheriff says at the end:
    "About the only thing I can say that the victim could have done differently (is that) he could have fired sooner, he could have fired more often, and he could have used a better brand of ammunition"

    That's the kind of support for citizens we need to see across the country.
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    First thread I read after joining - perfect example of why firearms are not weapons and why they're important to ensure we have a safe and secure society.

    Cops are great to come and clean up after an event, but they are not there when the guy (or gal) breaks into your home and tries to rob you!

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