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Thread: How to carry other peoples' guns?

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    How to carry other peoples' guns?

    In Michigan, you can legally conceal carry the handgun of another licensed individual in the state. Does anyone know if that applies to out of state holders, assuming that Michigan honors their permits? My conflict is that I am a TX CHL holder. The state does not allow us to register them. Can my sister, who has a CPL in MI, carry my unregistered gun even though MI requires owners (key word, folks, she doesn't technically own the gun) are required to register pistols?

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    If you are not moving to MI you shouldn't have to register it.

    Post this on the Michigan part of the forum for better answers and check for a forum of Michigan CPL holders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CRozek View Post
    In Michigan, you can legally conceal carry the handgun of another licensed individual any pistol in the state, if you have a Michigan CPL.

    Quote Originally Posted by MCL 28.422a
    Sec. 2a. (1) An individual who is licensed under section 5b to carry a concealed pistol or who is a federally
    licensed firearms dealer is not required to obtain a license under section 2 to purchase, carry, possess, or
    transport a pistol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DanM View Post
    Link to MCL (Michigan Compiled Law)
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