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Thread: This hasn't been posted yet but it's extremely important

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    This hasn't been posted yet but it's extremely important

    Before the panic set in I said in private emails to activists, that I was extremely concerned about the political climate. I said something about waiting for a wave to crash.
    It looks like it just may if we don't hang together on this.

    This from the Alerts....:

    There are continued indications that Congress, including normally pro-gun Republicans, is wobbly on our gun rights. We need to contact our Virginia Representatives in Washington to tell them that any gun control, INCLUDING universal background checks, magazine-bans, or bans on so called assault weapons are completely unacceptable. The gun-control that seems most likely to get traction is the universal background check due to support from a poorly informed or misled public.If passed, the government could then be in a position to compile a list of all guns that any individual owns (because they would know of ALL purchases or sales, including private ones). Once such a list is compiled, confiscation could easily become a reality. Confiscation has been openly discussed by Senator Dianne Feinstein and others. And confiscation has happened in the United States in the past (for example, in the '90s California confiscated certain modern rifles after requiring them to be registered). New York, Chicago, and DC have implemented confiscations following registration, too.The clock is ticking and we need to contact Congress ASAP!ACTION ITEM #1 - CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVEEven if your Representative is anti-liberty, let's flood their inbox anyway. They need to be reminded that they have active gun owners in their districts who are watching them and vote.If you don't know who your Representative is, you can find out by entering your ZIP+4 in the upper right of: numbers and Web-Mail addresses for Virginia RepresentativesCantor, Eric, 202-225-2815,, Gerald E. "Gerry", 202-225-1492,, J. Randy, 202-225-6365,, Bob 202-225-5431,, Morgan, 202-225-3861,, Robert, 202-225-4711,, James, 202-225-4376,, Scott, 202-225-4215,, Robert C., 202-225-8351,, Robert J., 202-225-4261,, Frank, 202-225-5136, the "Issue," look for either "Second Amendment" or "Gun Control." If you can't find either, use "Other."Suggested subject: NO gun control, including universal background checks!Suggested message:I urge you to OPPOSE all gun-control bills, including, but not limited to, those which institute universal background checks, magazine bans or restrictions, or bans or restrictions on so-called assault weapons.Universal background checks would allow the government to create a de facto gun registration list, which could then be used for future confiscations like those seen in California in the 1990s. The government should never know what guns a citizen has in his or her possession. A vote for universal background checks is a vote for gun control that is particularly dangerous to our liberties.Modern semi-automatic rifles (so called "Assault weapons") and their magazines are exactly the kind of items that the Second Amendment protects. A vote to ban or restrict either is a vote against our own Bill of Rights.Let me know how you are going to vote on gun-control bills that institute universal background checks or that ban or restrict either so called "assault weapons" or their magazines.ACTION ITEM #2 - CONTACT YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, CO-WORKERS AND OTHER SHOOTERS!We need to explain to everyone within earshot why "universal background checks" are a bad and dangerous idea. Let's not see any more gun owners in the media saying that universal background checks are acceptable. THEY ARE NOT!

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    pm sent to you Peter.

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    Canned response sent and separate, lengthy-er email sent to all three Congresscritters and both national party HQs.

    The time for "doing something" is over - it's now time to do something that offers a resolution to the problem instead of saddling law-abiding citizens with more layers of bureauracracy and legal hoops to jump through while still letting the criminal and the mentally deranged rapid mass murderer go untouched.

    stay safe.
    "He'll regret it to his dying day....if ever he lives that long."----The Quiet Man

    Because stupidity isn't a race, and everybody can win.

    "No matter how much contempt you have for the media in all this, you don't have enough"

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    State of the Union Speech = Alarm bell for TYRANNY

    I sure hope the politicians understand the implications of what they might try and impose on a free people.

    We have always been free and wish to remain free always.

    This is a very dangerous time for liberty. I heard King Barry dancing in pools of blood tonight, proclaiming that those that have been killed or injured deserve a vote. The tyrannical evil that flowed from the podium was too much to bear. I had to turn it off. Watching it had made me feel dirty and I just wanted to shower.

    Is there reason to hope that all is not lost for our Republic? I pray that I am wrong, but I think that tonights speech marked the end of the era of reason and restraint , and with the loss of these 2 Rs, so goes the nation.

    I, like many others, win not go quietly into the night. I am going to load more ammo tomorrow. Never know when one might need it.

    Live Free or Die,

    Additional Note: How ironic King Barry's words were. The dead getting a vote is a very typical Chicago Political-thug ploy. Dead people in Chicago were responsible for the election of JFK!
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    He wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to see. Pancho & Lefty

    The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us....There is no retreat but in submission and slavery! ...The war is inevitable–and let it come! I repeat it, Sir, let it come …………. PATRICK HENRY speech 1776

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    King Barry was right, in part. These people who were murdered where murder was illegal, and the simple possession of basic self defense tools was illegal, do deserve a vote. They deserve votes from their president, governors, and legislators to vote to recognize the value of their lives and the direct link that their ability to possess and use these basic self defense tools has on their ability to defend their lives and other inocents. It's time these people, put in place to honor and protect the lives and rights of the people, do so by decriminalizing simple possession and use of frearms, knives, and various other tools in the very places where these people gather and work daily. To do anything but, only pays lip service to a supposed value to their lives and their role as the authors of governmental authority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thundar View Post
    I heard King Barry dancing in pools of blood tonight, proclaiming that those that have been killed or injured deserve a vote.
    Are you surprised by his comments?? After all, thats how he got elected..... dead people voting for him.

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