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Thread: Virginia's amicus curiae brief supporting Kachalsky

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    Virginia's amicus curiae brief supporting Kachalsky

    This is good stuff. Say what you will about Ken Cuccinelli, his name is at the top of the signature page on this brief.

    Virginia and on behalf of 19 other states, has filed an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court of the United States, asking them to hear the case Kachalsky, et al. v. Cacase, et. al. At this time, the last opinion ruled in favor of New York, upholding their "may issue" which in NY is really "almost never issue" policy for a license to carry a handgun outside the home.

    It is hoped that the Supreme Court will take the appeal, and once and for all, confirm that the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms for the purpose of self-defense, outside the home.

    Here's some introduction, and this is the brief filed by Virginia and 19 other states. Good reading.


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    The Moore case discounted this one ... looks like the east coast is getting to be like the 9th ... idiots

    people even wish the courts rule against them just so they know they'll win their case in the reviewing court
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