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Thread: Open Carry in the news twice in a week in Las Vegas!

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    Open Carry in the news twice in a week in Las Vegas!

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    Two in one week!

    What are the odds?

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    Are you kidding me! Don't those OCers understand that they are a target and that they are at a tactical disadvantage and could've been the first ones shot; don't they know that their firearm could've taken over their minds and jumped out of their holsters and start shooting people; don't they understand that those anti-gun protesters that were near by would scream and run in terror?

    This isn't the way you show that guns aren't the problem, oh wait I'm in the wrong forum.

    Carry on.
    Don't confuse me with the facts, I have my emotions!

    I guess that's the difference between no crime and "stopping" a crime in progress. I prefer no crime.

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