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Thread: Tailoring around a firearm???

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    Tailoring around a firearm???

    Anyone know of any tailors that are gun friendly? I usually buy my suits from Brooks Brothers or Jos A Bank but I've never asked them (or even thought to ask them) to tailor around my firearm. I just ran across an article that talked about this but it didn't mention any company names. Just curious if anyone has any experience with this type of thing.

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    I have bought a couple suits @ Jos A Bank in Mishawaka (Univ Park Mall).

    When I tried on the pants & jacket I just told the tailor, "Hey, you're going to see my handgun; I'm licensed & carrying legally" or something like that.

    He was fine with that, asked me if I work security or something. I just said no, I carry for my own protection.

    If you're cool about carrying, they'll be cool about it most of the time.

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