Follow up to the past "Hit this one hard" thread. I received another response from Delegate Dudenhefer and to be honest, wasn't expecting this one.


Dear Mr. xxxxx,

I am honored to send you an update on the steps the General Assembly has taken to promote the possession of firearms and safety. As a gun owner and Concealed Permit holder (he didn't have to disclose this), I have always supported the Second Amendment as part of our United States and Virginia Constitution.

This legislative session, there are two particular bills that I have supported. They both passed the House of Delegates and await a decision from the Senate.

The first of two bills, House Bill 1833, clarifies current code related to concealed weapons permits. By reorganizing current regulations into a clear and concise updated article of code, it will be easier for holders and those interested in receiving permits to review and understand the process (long time coming and local circuit courts should be able to understand and abide we'd hope).

House Bill 1582 is the second bill I have supported. This bill allows for armed security officers licensed by the Department of Criminal Justice (get your learn on, I needs a JOB) to protect schools and child day-care centers. If a school hires such an officer to protect their students, the officer will be allowed to carry firearms (does it specify which types) onto the school's property. This bill prevents the Board of Social Services from developing any regulation that would prevent a school or child care center from hiring an armed security officer (will the GFSZ rule still apply though?).

The Second Amendment is essential to protect out freedom and personal liberty in the United States and our Great Commonwealth. These bills are simple steps toward preserving those rights and ensuring they are not limited. I thank you for your support in protecting our right to bear arms (as do I). Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future.


Mark Dudenhefer
Delegate, 2nd District