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Thread: Events upcoming (That I know about)

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    Events upcoming (That I know about)

    Friday the 15th there is debate on the House floor on these mostly worthless, wasteful and inneffective bills. Not to mention Constitutional violations. This isn't public participation, but we can get people in the gallery to observe, bear in mind you can't interrupt or they will clear the gallery.

    Saturday several Democratic state reps are having these town hall type meetings, there are 4-5 of them at least. Go to one, turn up the heat - don't be blatantly disresepectful but come armed with facts and reasonsed arguments to put them on the spot to explain their position in the light of contrary evidence and the failure of their proposals to work in the past and other places. Most all Republicans oppose these measures, while they appreciate your support your only going to events they hold isn't changing anything - changing Democrat's support will (change things).

    On Teus 19th there is a forum hosted by Hickenlooper on "Gun Violence" at the Performing Arts Center 630pm. Pack the house. It is sponsored by The Cell, you can get a ticket thru their site. There will be 3 pro and 3 anti panelists with the Governor as moderator. Some audience questions may be asked (from what I was able to ascertain). They also need some volunteer ushers that can come early, I think that gets you a free pass.

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    You can note your disapproval; one just cannot cause interruption ... you need remain silent .. if anyone tells you that, they are liars .. call them on it

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