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Thread: affordable body armor?

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    affordable body armor?

    Having received multiple ricochets at the range over the years, and with the possibility of getting into the instructor profession, I'm shopping for body armor. So far I see prices starting at $400 and sky rocketing from there. I've seen a few other options, like vests at Fleet Farm of all places, but I'm weary of "off brands".

    I'm looking for a concealable vest for basic vitals coverage. I won't be wearing it for more than a few hours at a time (I know first hand how important proper armor is when wearing it 8 to 12 hours at a time). Primary use will be range time, but might also include hunting. Basically any time loaded firearms are being handled.

    Please chime in with personal experiences and reviews. Advice is welcome as well.

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    I use a Point Blank in level II, it is very comfortable and I have it on 12-14 hours at a time. I paid around $400 at my local shop. Make sure you get one that fits correctly, I had to try four or five vests before I found the one that fits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DreQo View Post
    but might also include hunting. .
    What, you hunting with Cheney? Won't help ... he shoots in the face ...

    hahaha be careful with armor ... it does not age well ... insure its relatively new ..

    I wonder what PDs do with old ones?

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    I have been hit with ricochets a few times, they sting that is it. You don't want to get hit in the eye with one though. Most of the energy on handgun rounds is expended when it hits the target. What you really need to worry about is negligent discharges.

    I have only been hit with them on steel targets. Seems if the lead hits them just right the bullet will come right back at you.
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    I was lucky to keep my military Level 4 Pointblank vest with four 7.62AP plates and I use it for a number of things. Have you tried just getting a simple plate carrier and buying some high quality plates?
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    I thought someone would have already posted this.

    They sell the police surplus stuff starting what 195 for the stuff at rating II. They used to have a lot of inexpensive IIIA but apparently they ran out of that surplus. They also sell rifle plates as well as tactical rights. Even Kevlar blankets and backpack inserts.

    They sell to civilians and you order over the phone to guarantee fit.
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