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Thread: Where did you carry in Colorado this week?

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    Where did you carry in Colorado this week?

    Wanted to share a pleasant open carry story from today. I'm from the grand county area so I live in a small town. My friends and I decided to do some target practice at our favorite shooting spot. So we grabbed my friends marlin bolt action .22 and his ruger single action .22. I carried my XD40 on my hip as always. Walked up to our spot with the guns in plain sight with only waves and smiles from passing cars.There was as alot of wildlife out so we were respectful to the areas they were grazing in. Did a small hike and found the right spot, brought out the cans and put some holes in them. The weather was awesome out today as there was not a cloud in the sky. Had a good political talk with friends about the current gun-control measures. Walk back went the same, all smiles and waves. It's good to live in a small town where people are use to seeing this. I have seen many cases where people will make smart comments or just call the cops. Never fun but you always have to be respectful. Some people need a little education on open carry sometimes and those are good times for it.

    Since I'm new to open carry I don't have many stories yet. I hope all my stories are like this. But as always, carry on my friends! Hope you share your stories as well.

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    Had a nice day out in Greeley with the kids and wife. SAMs club, Target, and dinner at Red Robin with my SW 642 carried cross draw. Not a word or even a perceptible second look.
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    Have had many uneventful days in Parker, Castle Rock, Franktown,, had a few Hey is that a Spingfeild 1911 but thats it, No Bad Days Yet

    I carry like It's no big deal and get treated the same way, however I do watch my 6 a little closer and don't allow anyone to get behind me in close quarters

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    I had no issues getting gas, convenience stores where I had stopped in the metro area. Went to the gun show Sunday (can't carry inside though, you have to be unloaded).

    I did take my AR in with the laser SIRT bolt in it to show to a friend who normally has a booth there. Got a lot of comments on the gun, its fully loaded. People asking if I was selling it etc, to which I replied "You got 10 grand?"

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    Only had one guy in Walmart get SOOOO offended becuase I was OCing... He turned to tell his wife he pointed and said: I dont know why they cant just CC?

    Didnt really say nothing to him, but I did see him crying like a little B.... becuase someone was doing something 100% legal that he didnt like.

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    Yesterday at Navy Federal Credit Union. Half OC'd. Jacket was covering half of my pistol. Then it was off to Mao-Mart, same thing.
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