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Thread: Please support this film project

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    Please support this film project

    We will pursue a theatrical release of the film in March 2013 followed by distribution by Southern Oregon Public Television to PBS and PTV stations across the nation.
    How will the funds be used?


    Talent costs money and high-quaility, national level editors don't come cheap; no matter how well the story is written, a bad edit will sink a film. Post-production also means meeting PBS engineering standards and practices. There are direct costs associated with a PBS review that the producer pays for on top of the overall production.

    Then there are duplication costs, tapes, lawyers fees, insurance, and health insurance for the crew...on and on.

    With your help we can produce a great film about a serious subject that affects lives, our civil rights, public safety and our liberty.
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    Funded! This project successfully raised its funding goal about 4 hours ago.
    stay safe.
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