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Thread: Email Copy for 2A MO Call to Action

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    Email Copy for 2A MO Call to Action

    Howdy Guys,

    I spent some time writing email copy to promote 2A actions, including the hearings on MO bills that Gunner posted. (Wonderful bills that should also have a great OC impact.)

    Something to send to friends, family, and contacts and hopefully get forwarded and get some steam going on our side. Now's the time for that.

    Thought it might save you some time, if you have the same desire to spread the word a bit. And you probably have more email contacts than I do!

    I wrote this in a hurry because the first MO bill hearing is so close. That also means it'll soon need an update when that hearing passes and another one is scheduled. It can be revised for that and other shortcomings.

    It would nice to have a handy easy email-blast for Congress included, but I didn't like the wording of the Ruger one since they push mental health actions and beefing up background checks, both of which I know will definitely be used the wrong way if the liberals get them. If you know a good alternative email blast, post it and I'll stick in in.

    The links are email style, so the forum software isn't parsing them to click here, but it'll work well in email and they won't get messed up by line breaks.

    I'm really enthused about the MO nullification efforts.

    Copy below.


    Dear Friends,

    Have you taken action to protect our Constitution from those who are trying to tear down the Second Amendment?

    Have you contacted your Congressmen and contributed to freedom efforts?

    Have you heard about an exciting effort in Missouri to preserve your freedom?

    Here are several things you can do right now!

    As you know, liberal politicians are trying to disarm the American public. With the media's help, gun grabbers are misleading people about the facts in order to take away their freedom. They want to destroy the unique freedoms and protections that our Constitution provides in America.

    If they succeed, it won't stop with certain types of guns, or even with all guns. They hate what makes America great. The Second Amendment helps to preserve your liberty, and once that's out of the way, they can remove the other Constitutional limits that protect you from out-of-control government.

    Not only will you be helpless to protect your family, you will also find your country transformed beyond recognition. If you don't want that, you must act now. You can't be silent. You can't pass the buck. It's time to either speak up, or surrender your God-given rights.

    Are you willing to take a stand for your freedom? Here's what you can do:

    1. Support Missouri state legislation that will help to preserve your freedom if passed. (If you live in another state, there may be similar efforts underway.)

    2. Make your voice heard at the national and public level.

    3. Join and contribute to organizations that are fighting to protect your rights.

    4. Practice your right to bear arms and raise awareness in your community.

    Here are the details you need to take action:

    A. Missouri legislators have introduced very important bills to protect you. HB 436 & SB 325 would nullify federal laws and regulations which infringe on the right to bear arms, and make it a crime for any official to try to enforce them in this state. SJR 14 would amend the state Constitution through the public ballot to strengthen our Second Amendment rights.

    There will be hearings soon on these and other bills. The hearing for SJR 14 is Tuesday, February 19 at 3:00 P.M. You can fill out a form online to submit your testimony on this bill to the Missouri Senate! Also, please contact your state legislators in support of these bills. Click here for info:


    B. The national and public debate is also crucial. You must contact your federal legislators and be heard. Use email, fax, mail, and especially phone calls.

    Tell them no new gun laws. No gun bans, no-so called "assault weapon" or semi-automatic gun bans, no magazine capacity limits, no gun registration, no gun databases. No nonsense.

    Important: Don't be fooled by "universal background checks" (which GunTalk expert Tom Gresham explains is code for gun registration) and "mental health" reforms (which will be turned against perfectly sane Americans, including veterans). These will be used to find ways to block purchases and confiscate guns. Mass shootings occur in so-called gun-free zones, especially schools and churches, and the only real solution is to allow lawful citizens to be armed in all locations.

    After contacting Congress, don't forget to weigh in on the public debate. Write a letter to the editor, call in to a radio show, be vocal in your community.

    C. Join gun-rights organizations and donate to their efforts. These organizations are fighting in Congress, in courts, and in the media to preserve your freedom.

    The NRA is the largest organization. Join to maximize your political clout.

    NRA: <>
    NRA-ILA: <>

    (There is also a special on NRA life membership for $300 this month by calling 1-888-678-7894.)

    However, other organizations play a crucial role in legal and political victories. If you belong only to the NRA, it's time to expand. You can add an amount over the cost of membership to support efforts.

    GOA: <>
    SAF: <>
    CCRKBA: <>

    D. Exercise your right! If you don't own any firearms, or if you don't have enough, do a little shopping. Be sure to read up on local and state laws and gun safety. (In your own home there are few restrictions, but before you carry a gun outside the home it's crucial to understand the regulations on open and concealed carry.) Help inform others around you on the American right to keep and bear arms! Thank you.

    (Please forward!)

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    I also used "crucial" too much; need to substitute some "critical".

    I will revise and improve the copy a bit when I have time.

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    One thing to be midful of... These bills wil be in 2A friendly committees and wil lmost likely pass through them.
    The real call for action comes at vote time in the House and Senate. If we over contact our legislators phone lines they will stop answering, no kidding. Emails, letters and personal visits are very good.

    I put out acall fo rhearing last year for an OC Bill and Mr. Tilley, the then speaker of the Missouri House called me.
    He asked for the phone calls and letters to STOP, they were swamped and we got the hearing we wanted on OC.

    The process is working right now, the bills in the mix are moving along.

    I believe a few of us wil lbe attending hearings next week. There are many 2A bills and soem related to OC in the mix.

    House General Laws hearings are at 12:00 Noon and Senate General Laws hearings are at 3:00PM.

    Watch the House and Senate Committee hearings web page for the bills to be heard, hopefully show up and speak.

    I and a few others wil lbe there for every 2A bill hearing.
    If you pull it, you use it. If you pull it and you don't use it, you've done some thing wrong and you might not get another chance. Think about it before you pack it!
    I worked 24/7 for 2A OC rights! Don't like what I did? Try it yourself, it was my full time job!
    Certified NRA Range Safety Officer - RSO

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