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Thread: BEWARE- WA STATE RESIDENTS - Legislature is up to no good

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    Several persons in the WA Legislature are floating a Bill to repeal the States SUBVERSION LAWS.

    Subversion is attempts to undermine the State Constitution and laws.

    Subversion is currently a FELONY

    Why would they want to remove that law?

    There are subversive groups such as MAIG and Washington Ceasefire operating in WA State.
    Iv'e personally been calling them out for their SUBVERSIVE activities.

    Gun laws pushed by MAIG and Wa Ceasefire are subversive, they intend to undermine the WA

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    - Curious indeed.

    Looks like subversion was largely aimed at red communists, from a cursory reading. So fight the bill, then once the bill is stopped, demand that questions be answered in regards to motives, and where those motives come from.
    - The United States is in a heated and severly polarized political state, so it would not suprize me to find the old "party" (or something very similar with a modern twist) trying to poke it's head up again. Some research in to the 1920's American political scene will show a suprising acceptance of the red-communist party among many in the entertainment industry, i doubt it's philosophy entirely went away.

    - It is curious indeed.
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