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Thread: kydex holsters?

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    kydex holsters?

    Is anyone in wisconsin making these and if you are can you post pictures and what it would cost for one?

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    Re: kydex holsters?

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    Check out "Buffalo Holsters" he's over by Fountain City WI. I have 2 of his holsters. I know a few others that have his as well.

    Reasonably priced in my opinon.


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    Make your own, you only need foam, oven, and a drill. There are plenty of youtube how to about kydex and thin walled PVC pipe. I am just now painting a kukri sheath out of thin wall 4 inch PVC pipe. Cost is under 10 bucks.
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    I depends what your looking for there are a number of different holsters some using all kydex others just some

    but if your talking a crossbreed style IWB yes says they are Wisconsin made

    before i ever had heard of them ^ i was using a Kholster made in St. Louise Missouri by Jimmy his prices are good holsters are good and turn around time around a week to 10 days

    now if you mean a all kydex pocket holster like the Alabama holster company kydex pocket holster , great product, good price , but crazy long wait 8-12 weeks and that was before this current panick buy

    then there are owb kydex holsters

    so it depends what your looking for.
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    I have a bunch of links to holsters here, there may be a different one you find that you like more. But it really depends on what style your looking for. I do like my Cleveland, but there is a nice IWB with leather\neoprene padded liner
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