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Thread: Send Senator Blumenthal a Message

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    Send Senator Blumenthal a Message

    The "good Senator" is asking for comments prior to an anti-gun dog-and-pony-show in Danbury with the Veep Thursday

    I'm confident he is not looking for the type of comments readers of this forum might offer but he asked...

    I offered the suggestion, based on the recent CCDL presser, that instead of criminalizing private gun sales he instead work to open the NICS to direct (and free) access to anyone for use in verifying that someone buying a gun from them, and not already known to them, is not prohibited. I noted that I didn't really need to run a check on my brother A record of the system check would then demonstrate the seller performed due diligence and would be an affirmative defense if an error was made, since under current law the seller is prohibited from selling to a prohibited person.

    I pointed out that a criminal in a criminal transaction selling a gun cannot be charged for failing to ask for a background check since it would be prohibited self- incrimination.

    I also commented on the unworkability of his background checks for ammo purchases. The NICS system crashed several times in 2012 with about 20 million checks. If just one ammo purchase was made for each of the 200 million guns in the US, that would be 10 times the load, and I believe that is conservative. How would the system handle the added load and who would pay for it? Also a similar law didn't work and was repealed in the past. If he proposes a tax on ammo to run the check system, isn't that like a poll tax to exercise a constitutional right?

    Please don't let just the anti's fill his mailbox! We only have about 36 hours.

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    I responded.

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    I responded and told him I was hoping for a meteor to crash onto him and Biden ... you know, nice pleasant thoughts...

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    I was happy to put a bee in his bonnet too.

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