I just wanted to give everyone a heads up: Representative Norton filed a bill for a storage law.

It may be viewed here: http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/BillInfo.aspx?i=221822
Full text here: http://www.legis.la.gov/legis/ViewDo....aspx?d=823765

This bill would make make the following a misdemeanor ($300 fine first offense, 6 months imprisonment thereafter): "It is unlawful for any person to keep or store a firearm in any place unless the firearm is secured in a locked container or equipped with a tamper-resistant trigger lock, cable lock, mechanical lock, or other safety device, properly engaged so as to render the firearm inoperable."

There is an exception for a weapon carried or in use: "The provisions of this Section shall not apply to any person who is carrying a firearm on his person or is using a firearm."

Read broadly, that means it'll be a crime to leave your home defense weapon in your bedside table.

This is a poorly written bill, in both substance and form. I ask that before commenting on the deficiencies of its implementation that the possibility that an idea from this thread might make its way to someone who could use it to make the bill more onerous be considered. That said, let the bemoaning of the foolishness of its principle and the contacting of legislators begin.