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Thread: Possible sticky about getting an Oregon CPL?

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    Possible sticky about getting an Oregon CPL?

    Every once in a while someone asks me about getting an Oregon CPL and that reminds me that I haven't made it all the way down from Blaine to do that. I search and browse the Washington OC site trying to find all those great posts about which sheriff's to contact and what counties to go to and I can never find them. Any chance that someone could dig those out and turn them into a sticky? Seems like there would be a lot of people in Washington that would like to have this info since there are a fair number of places in Oregon that require a CPL to OC.


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    Columbia County, St. Helens is the county seat. Not only are they good about issuing permits to WA residents, they're about as close as you can get for anybody in Western WA north of Longview.

    My original OR permit was from there; a recent change of Sheriff made it sound like the new office-holder was going to be a lot more restrictive:

    But as far as I can tell, it's not really the case; at least in the case of renewals they don't even ask you to resubmit the letter of request, and mine was renewed w/no issues at all.

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