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    Hb 2572

    For those of you who read the last few post regarding open carry in a vehicle, or "in the woods" of WV, and are frustrated as I am regarding some of the hunting code in WV. The WVCDL has introduced HB 2572, which will clarify carrying a handgun for self defense purposes "in the woods" or in, or on, a motor vehicle in WV. Their website provides a link to the WV Legislature where the full text can be read. It also includes an action alert at the top of the page detailing what needs to happen in order for this legislation to move out of committee and receive the vote it deserves.

    Again, with regards to those who do not have a concealed permit in WV, or choose to open carry, WV Code 20-2-5 (see paragraph 8 &9). Since this section of code references "in the woods", and WV is something like 70% forested, most of the state is off limits to carry without a permit. Please see WV Code 20-2-6a for the exception made for permit holders.

    If you have never contacted you state legislatures before, now is the time to get involved. This can get fixed, but it will take the will of the people to do it. Yes, your call can make the difference!

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    Done !

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