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Thread: Starbucks Support Day 2/22?

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    Starbucks Support Day 2/22?

    Short notice, but did we drop the ball this year?

    "STERLING, Va. (CBSDC) — If you enjoy packing heat while sipping a hot cup of coffee, Friday is your day.

    Firearms owners and gun rights advocates are heading to local coffee shops to celebrate “Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day.” It’s their way of saying ‘thank you’ to the Seattle-based coffee franchise for — as they see it — not infringing on their Second Amendment rights."
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    I didn't forget...
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    Thumbs up

    We do both our monthly second saturday federal way meetup and our south sound 3rd sunday meetup at starbucks quite regularly, i think they are feeling the love.
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    Re: Starbucks Support Day 2/22?

    I swung by!

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    Up here in Whatcom County we meet regularly, every Sunday at ten am, at the Starbucks on Bakerview. We always have a nice group and we are always welcome.
    Last year we had an incident where some LEOs went into "our" Starbucks and "suggested" that we, Armed Citizens" not be "welcomed" by Starbucks. They politely refused..............and then told us about it. I personally passed this information to the deputy ChoP and there have been no further incidents. I love Starbucks.

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    I made it, along with a couple of friends. Lady at the bank the day before asked me if I was collecting $2 bills. I said no, and that I didn't need any that were collectible since I was going to spend them.

    "Getting them back in circulation?"

    "No, it's a political thing."

    When I was walking away her coworker said something about Starbucks to her. I wouldn't be surprised if most banking people know about it. Not sure I'm familiar with the getting bills back into circulation thing. Is that some sort of Free Willy program for currency? Seems odd.

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