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Thread: I posted this today on my sign!

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    I posted this today on my sign!

    It does two things, it is not that political, and it makes the person memorize the 2nd...whether they believe it or not, to get the discount. Just spreading the word. Almost seems like a liberal way of doing things....hmmmm?

    I have got two $10.00 tips just because of this sign today!!!
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    That's awesome. If open carry becomes legal in TX, you should have an open carry promotional discount as well!

    I love it when small business owners stand up for freedom. When I was in New Hampshire last year, I saw a sign at a business that said something like "Hey Obama, I built this business ALL BY MYSELF!" While not 2A related, it was still a nice nose-thumbing at our freedom hating president. I wish I had stopped to take a pic.
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    Good Going!

    Way to go!!!

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    Very nice. I like that idea a lot! I like that it is not anti-anything. It's extremely non-offensive even to those who might oppose 2nd amendment rights. It raises awareness of the amendment without pitting it against anyone.
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