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Thread: Avoiding "PROCESS" is a denial of "DUE PROCESS"

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    Avoiding "PROCESS" is a denial of "DUE PROCESS"

    I thought we lived in the Constituion State?

    The polical powers in Connecticut are afraid of the citizens participating in the Legislative Process.

    As a Domocrat I have always considered myself a Liberal that supports and defends the constitution, but now feel that I am being pushed to the right in my political leanings.

    In a recently published news story I counted the number of times Malloy used the word "PROCESS" and quickly noticed how he failed to use or discuss "DUE PROCESS".

    Urging reporters to focus on his policy rather than the legislative process, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy defended both the timing and substance of his gun control proposals at a press conference outside his office Thursday.

    But later at a 4 p.m. news conference, the governor said it had been 69 days since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting and it was time to speak to gun violence in greater detail. He said the proposals were the result of a lot of work by his office and asked reporters to avoid getting distracted by the process of policymaking over the specifics of what he was proposing.

    “I’m loath to tell you how to do your job, but when people talk about [process], why don’t you ask them about the specifics,” he said.

    “Listen, get it out of your systems. Write all the things you want about the process, but then eventually ask the questions,” he said.
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    The legislative process in how they make and pass a bill is just as important as anywhere else. The process is very important.

    That is why I have filed several complaints before the freedom of information commission regarding committees not providing the required notices that they are required to provide and the blocking of testimony in hearings of people opposed to the demorat viewpoint.

    Right now I have noticed 3 task force violations (one they gave 2 hours notice .. outrageous) and 1 public safety committee meeting not noticed properly.

    So I will demand that a proper process is followed.

    Malloy wish to write a bill and get a e-cert ... this is actually a process that approved and if I recall, his group was supposed to provide their ideas to the legislature to produce a bill for e-cert (ie an advisory opinion to supplement the task force).

    But Malloy must have gotten wind of something about the task force not agreeing ... that's how I read his press statement. So to heck with the original plan ! e-cert mine...

    I really don't think his e-cert idea is going to go anywhere .. people will be sooooo pissed if it does. Just my opinion of course.

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