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Thread: DFW Gun in Dallas, well, it WAS in Dallas

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    DFW Gun in Dallas, well, it WAS in Dallas

    Earlier today, DFW Gun on Mockingbird burned to the ground. Apparently, some braintrust fired a tracer round into the foam backstop. Probably an unnamed member of a 1980's hair band. Seems everyone got out OK. Here is hoping all of the employees find gainful, enjoyable employment soon.

    This leaves me on the hunt for a new range that will let do holster work and rapid, aimed shooting. (It was a perk that came only after they figured out that I was not going to break things nor shoot the roof or other shooters.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonameisgood View Post
    Earlier today, DFW Gun on Mockingbird
    Looks like they are close to re-opening - building walls are up and looks like roof is finished. Hopefully they installed a new a/c unit - had to dress down before I went there to practice.

    Update on reopen date - s/b mid-November - City of Dallas wouldn't give them a permit use a crane to hoist some iron for extra a/c unit supports so that pushed their open back a few weeks.
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