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Thread: HuffPo makes compelling case for JOINING SAF

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    HuffPo makes compelling case for JOINING SAF

    HuffPo tries to paint a picture of infighting among the gun rights supporters... all they do is succeed in demonstrating that the NRA and the SAF have different approaches, and lay out an excellent case for joining BOTH, rather than just one of these organizations!

    FAIL, as usual.

    Here's the critical point, which is NOT made in the article: The current make-up of the SCOTUS will not remain forever. Given the current values of the electorate, it is difficult to make a case that future appointments will be friends of the Second Amendment. Every case not fought and won NOW may NEVER be won.


    Second Amendment Lawsuits Expose Rift At The Top Of Gun Rights Movement

    Short excerpt:

    Gura and Gottlieb teamed up after the Heller victory and filed more than 40 lawsuits, quickly establishing the SAF as a prolific player in Second Amendment litigation. In 2010, the duo scored a major win with a case they had initiated, McDonald v. Chicago, which extended the Heller decision to cover the states. In doing so, the Supreme Court overturned the Windy City's handgun ban, on the books for 28 years.

    While the political world obsesses over the legislative muscle of the National Rifle Association, the outcome of the SAF's lawsuits could have an even larger impact on the future of Second Amendment rights -- affecting everything from concealed carry laws, to background checks, to the liability that the firearms industry could face if their products cause harm.

    Not everyone in the gun rights movement is thrilled about Gura and the SAF's recent flurry of lawsuits. Depending upon whom you ask, the SAF is either a brave defender of the Second Amendment or a sketchy upstart with the potential to significantly damage gun rights in the long term.

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    And if they did not have conflicting opinions on one point or another then they would be charged with "collusion" ... put any 2 people in a room to discuss any issue and you will find some differences.

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