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Thread: ***urgent*** action needed now!

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    ***urgent*** action needed now!

    Link to Illinois Carry.

    Madigan Expected to Use A Sneaky "Shell Game" to Ram Chicago Style Carry Law Through House On Tuesday!!
    Last Friday, the U.S. 7th Circuit of Appeals let stand their ruling in the case of Moore/Shepard vs Madigan that the ban on the Right to Carry in Illinois is unconstitutional.

    In an attempt to stonewall the passage of a good carry law, HB0997 and other good gun bills, have been sidelined in a House sub-committee. The Speaker of the House plans to use a shell bill - an empty bill with no text - and turn it into a nightmarish Chicago style carry bill and push it through the House on Tuesday. We suspect it will be HB1155 but it could any number of shell bills.

    Calls, Emails, FAXs Need Sent to Your State Rep's Local and Springfield Office NOW!

    1. Urge them to be present at the State Capitol all day Tuesday. (Unless they are anti-Right to Carry, then they can take a snow day!)

    2. Urge them to oppose any and all amendments to HB1155 (or any carry bill) that are not endorsed by the NRA/ISRA/IllinoisCarry.

    3. Urge them to support ONLY amendments to HB1155 (or any carry bill) endorsed by NRA/ISRA/IllinoisCarry.

    Our message to all legislators:

    To find contact info for your
    State Representative click here

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    Re: ***urgent*** action needed now!

    I emailed my representative Walsh today asking for his support on HB997 and to oppose any punitive Chicago bills. For all the good it will do. Had to try.

    Carthago Delenda Est

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