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Thread: Silencing the Opposition

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    Silencing the Opposition

    maybe he did say something that crossed the line ... maybe.

    And maybe he's simply one of the thousands who pushed back and is being made an example to warn the rest of us to shut up and take it.

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    While he did say things that were very true and backed up by a lot of research, he did so in the worst ways he could have said them. The point when emailing or writing to reps and senators is to show them that their constituents oppose or support legislation. Not to intimidate them. This will make all of us look bad and will take that much more to make us seem sane and rational in the eyes of the anti's and those that are on the fence.

    Though, I am hearing reports that he may not be responsible for sending the threats. I guess we'll see.

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    I think there is at least ONE valuable lesson to take away from this unfortunate occurrence.

    Unrestrained commentary can, and WILL BE used against us. Bill O'Reilly shared a wise tip some time back. He suggested counting AT LEAST to "10" before hitting the "send", or "submit" button on e-com.

    As heated as emotions are getting over this 2A battle - it may be even wiser to use "snail-mail". That way you have time to re-think the communication, and maybe even retrieve it from the mailbox. I've written many letters that I never mailed, after having time to think it over.
    Regretably the more rabid gun-ban enthusiasts pay no heed to our e-mails - UNLESS they can exploit them to marginalize us. We ALL must be more careful in expressing our heartfelt concerns.
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    Call you rep and ask to speak to him ...

    Call him back and say you were cleaning your gun when something popped in your mind and you wished to speak to him

    See which one gets him on the phone ...

    2nd amendment works on sooo many levels

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