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    Hb 4308

    According to MCRGO Facebook post: "House Bill 4308, which would eliminate Michigan's handgun registry has been introduced. The bill would also prohibit FFLs from creating a visual representation or biometric record of a purchaser. The bill is similar to HB 5225 of last session that was watered down before being signed into law. In an attempt to satisfy the governor, HB 4308 does not eliminate purchase permits for private party sales."

    The way I read it, if I were to buy a pistol from a private party, i'd have to go get a purchase permit (assuming no CPL), and when I buy the gun, the seller would keep one copy, and i would keep one copy. There would be no need to forward a copy to L.E. for registration.

    Everyone else read it the same way? If so, would this allow non residents who don't have a cpl/ccw/chl/etc to possess a handgun in MI?

    I don't see any "steps back" in the bill, only "steps forward".
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    MSP will fight this tooth and nail. They'll say that the recent I-96 shooting case was solved using the registration system and will use that as a justification to keep it. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think Snyder will have much ambition to sign this if it was to pass
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