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Thread: Probably the best article I've read about the AR-15 so far

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    Probably the best article I've read about the AR-15 so far

    I found this article on this morning and thought it was great. compared to the traditional news media it was fairly unbiased, almost praising. This is probably to article that people who don't know anything about firearms should read.
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    Probably the best article I've read about the AR-15 so far

    In a world full of hack pieces, an honest, factual, and unbiased assessment is the best.

    Oh, and thanks for the intro. With all the blind links being posted lately, a heads-up is refreshing. It just hit me how analogous that sentence is to my first!

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    I was shaking as I shouldered the rifle ...Troops loved the new gun because of its ergonomic design and easy handling, vastly preferring it to the Army brass’ beloved M14 from art. from art.

    Many guys hated the m16 and wished that they had their beloved m14 back ... the m16 is prone (very prone when compared to other main battle rifles) to jams .. proper maintenance is paramount but not always possible in real life

    Its a nice gun and accurate but it does jam. For 200 yds and under I won't be taking out my colt ... my AK47 is the beast I would go with (I like how the mag is known to be placed OK in the dark .. you feel it) ...

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