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Thread: Gun Owners of America

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    Gun Owners of America

    I have joined Gun Owners of America.

    I think they are doing good work, from what I read, for us in Washington and in the media and my further research supports the idea that the people who operate this organisation are not stealing or squandering the money they raise.

    I requested certain IRS filings from them and they were forthcoming (unlike another organisation I have been trying to get information from). The form 990 (tax filing) is very clean. They are taking in just under $2 million a year and their head guy is taking $65,00.00 in salary (seems reasonable to me). They are spending the money on the things they are promoting for us.

    I have been a member of the NRA for some years and I am now a member of Gun Owners of America. I also added an additional donation. in part because they did not ask me to pay for the copies of the documents they sent and, because I am confident they will use the money wisely. I encourage all of you to join this pro gun organisation.


    p.s.; Oh, I did not have to become a member before they would give me the information I asked for. They are not in the school of Nancy Pelosi (you have to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it)
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