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Thread: City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis

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    City Wants Power to “Disarm Individuals” During Crisis

    About 35 miles southeast of Huntsville.
    Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a disaster, a chilling example of how the second amendment is being assaulted via the back door.

    The new rule would allow authorities to confiscate guns of “unruly” people during an extreme weather event such as the April 2011 tornadoes or any other emergency.
    More than stars are falling on Alabama.

    Dollar denied that the ordinance would be used to take away constitutional rights, but residents questioned why authorities would need to pass a new ordinance given that police already have the power to arrest citizens who are being “unruly,” whether armed or not.
    Bingo!!! Is the mayor a democrat or a republican? Not that it matters, she is certainly anti-liberty.
    "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." - Thomas Jefferson.

    "Better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer" - English jurist William Blackstone.
    It is AFAIK original to me. Compromise is failure on the installment plan, particularly when dealing with so intractable an opponent as ignorance. - Nightmare

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    Preemption should make this city's proposed ordinance illegal. Has anyone pointed that out to them?

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    More info, the first thread has a lot of discussion on the preemption law that Eye mentioned plus laws enacted after Katrina.

    Local shooting board here in North Alabama:

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    The city is welcome to disarm individuals any time they want...
    as long as they can prove there's a legal backing for their actions.
    Simply having an emergency situation happening wouldn't do (IMHO).
    Someone being a criminal, involved in criminal activities, trying to harm others, would.

    In fact, I'd say that's a strong reason for citizens to be able to take care of themselves - LEO are spread thin, dealing with problems, criminals are bolder.

    Look at the NY area after the hurricane. Thugs were using 'social media' to arrange looting parties.

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    Might do well to check Alabama Senate bill SB286 going to the committee Tuseday, like tomorrow. The only group with connections and a working relationship with the sponsor is BamaCarry, and We'll be there tomorrow with "our" bill to witness the passage out of committe. This will take place at 11:00am. The Senate convenes at 1pm. There will be no discussion except between committe members.

    Although not perfect, this bill will surely take a lot of the confusion out of the current law, make vehicle carry with out a permit legal, and make sure Open Carry is recognized as legal in Alabama. No law is made concerning OC except an affirmation to the truth in the law we've known "forever." Put some teeth in premption, remove 52 and 59 which have always been a stickler for LEO. Make no mistake, will not rest until we are a constitutional state. We are in it to win it. BamaCarry is on Face Book with over 1,500 members. Come be a part of the Gun Rights Movement in Alabama. We've teamed up with the Rainy day Patriots, Tea Party, and others, who will all be supporting SB286.

    WE WON'T BE GETTING ON THE TRAINS!! Join us and make sure you children won't either.

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