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Thread: A Small Town "Rationale" Behind Gun Grabbing in Emergency Situations...

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    A Small Town "Rationale" Behind Gun Grabbing in Emergency Situations...

    The Mayor of a heretofore unknown town in Alabama has secured a position for herself well inside the enemy camp. This unsatisfactory - and Constitutionally illegal - position is supported by a very weak intellect. (Fair Use)
    Alas, with the national furor over multiple new gun restrictions being proposed by President Obama via “executive action,” in Congress, in state legislatures and in municipalities, the plan being forwarded by officials in Guntersville, Ala., this week drew scarcely a mention in the media. Mayor Leigh Dollar says that in case of an emergency or crisis, she wants police officers to have the authority to “disarm individuals, if necessary.” “We are not trying to infringe upon anyone constitutional rights whatsoever,” she says. “It’s just to protect the workers working out there in a disaster.”

    I doubt that any of "the workers" would be in jeopardy, unless their "work" involved the unconstitutional violation of our RKBA. Unfortunately, many small towns are controlled by the equally small minds of the shortsighted. Will this absurd position go viral? I certainly hope not, but in the world of politics one cannot predict actions... they may only suffer the consequences of such actions. To remove one's right to self-defense during an emergency condition, is the apex of stupidity.

    If Mayor Dollar wishes to protect "the workers", will she also demand that "the workers" provide personal protection to each of those individual citizens whom she has left defenseless? Stevie Wonder could see the errors in the Mayor's position - especially during an "emergency or crisis". The 1992 citizen's defense of KoreaTown, in Los Angeles, when police were nowhere to be found, demonstrated the need for an armed citizenry during times of "emergency or crisis". The residents and business people of KoreaTown had access to firearms, and were thereby able to defend themselves, their families, and their businesses. Had they been denied that right, there would possibly have been a high degree of death and destruction by roving mobs of angry, violent people. Just my 2¢. Pax...
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    Alabama has preemption. This action would be illegal under preemption, regardless of constitutionality.

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    What would that emergency or crisis be? anything they want, they just say it is a emergency or crisis. And is that not a police state?
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    Sounds like Katerina all over again and a good way to get good people killed.
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    I'll be giving the mayor a call ... telling the mayor that any gun grab and I'll be there to defend their rights to KBA

    If 300 people call, then the mayor will figure out that the town does not have enough cops to argue with 300+ armed pissed off citizens

    Good post OP.

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