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Thread: More insane bills

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    More insane bills

    SB 699 bars all firearms from public buildings, even with CHL. The bill begins with and emphasizes the Capitol Building. Just more protection of the ruling class from the filthy masses.

    SB 758 requires all firearm owners to have $10k liability insurance per firearm. Creates financial barrier to exercise protected rights.

    SB 760 creates a duty to retreat from an attacker, even within your own home. Makes criminal activity safer for the criminal.

    SB 796 expands the requirements to obtain a CHL.

    Most of these include a clause that declares an immediate state of emergency, so that the bill can be immediately enacted.

    Please contact all of the state senators about these bills IMMEDIATELY

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    immediate state of emergency

    This clause is more insidious than you realize.
    Any law that is enacted by the Oregon Legislature becomes null and void if it is successfully referred to the people. Whenever enough signatures are gathered for referral the law is returned to the status of a bill. The bill is then voted upon by the people themselves to decide whether or not to enact the law.

    Article IV section 28 of the Oregon Constitution states that no law will be enacted that takes effect before the 91st day after the end of the legislative session, unless an emergency clause is attached. The attachment of an emergency clause has the effect of advancing the date when the law becomes effective to less than the 91st day.

    This is very important because Article IV section 1 (3) (a) states that any law may be referred to the people for a vote that does not become effective until after the 91st day following the end of the legislative session. This is designed to provide enough time for the people to successfully gather the required signatures. An emergency clause makes the law take effect before the 91st day; thereby, preventing the law from being referred to the people.

    Essentially this clause is being used to bypass our ability to recall and force a public vote on the issue. Call your Rep. and give em hell.

    Rep. Greenlick 503-986-1433

    Rep. Bailey 503-986-1442

    Rep. Buckley 503-986-1405

    Rep. Dembro 503-986-1445

    Rep. Frederick 503-986-1443

    Rep. Keny-Guyer 503-986-1446

    Rep. Read 503-986-1427

    Rep. Reardon 503-986-1428

    Rep. Tomei 503-986-1441

    Sen. Burdick 503-986-1718

    Sen. Dingfelder 503-986-1723

    Sen. Hass 503-986-1714

    Sen. Monnes Anderson 503-986-1725

    Sen. Monroe 503-986-1724

    Sen. Shields 503-986-1722

    Sen. Steiner Hayward 503-986-1717

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xader View Post

    SB 758 requires all firearm owners to have $10k liability insurance per firearm. Creates financial barrier to exercise protected rights.
    $$ barrier? Not really ... they know what this is for: grabbing your gun when you forget your insurance payment ... that's the real reason.

    I did a FOIA request with my state rep .... low and behold..they know that insurance companies would not pay out in a shooting .. but its being proposed to grab your gun ...

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